Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Amsterdam Market

As I have made very clear in my Twitter posts, I was very much looking forward to the New Amsterdam Market today (10/25/09). As we approached the South Street Seaport, my wife and I could see tents, hear music and we could see TONS of people. I couldn't believe my eyes - I thought that the NAM was going to be small, not at all flashy, attended by guys and gals that were interested in sustainable farming practices and high quality ingredients, not a mass-appeal for all New Yorkers.

Turns out I was wrong.

Well, technically, I was right, the NAM was what I thought it would be; I just happened to stumble right into the middle of the Step Out Walk to Fight Diabetes. They had a stage, and music and booths everywhere - it was a very well-attended, worthwhile event. But they weren't selling oxtail - so I left and went looking for the NAM.

The market ended up being a few blocks down the road right in front of the Fulton Fish Market near the Brooklyn Bridge and it was exactly what I was hoping for: low-key vibe, great vendors, great products. Take a look:

(love the Brooklyn Bridge in the background)

Balthazar Bakery

The makings of a Porchetta sandwich

Cheese from Twin Maple Farm
Here is the take:

Skirt steak and oxtail from Fleisher's; duck breasts and legs (and bucket of duck fat in the back) from Hudson Valley Duck Farm; Hen of the Woods mushroom from Wild Gourmet; leeks and beets from Health Shoppe; eggs from Stone Barns; pork belly from Queens County Farm.

The mushroom turned into soup (post later this week) and the rest of the items will be put to good use as I prepare some of the fall/winter dishes in the book. Oxtail tartine, marinated skirt steak, duck confit, pickled leeks... Stay tuned.

Next up: Mushroom and Kale Soup

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